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Wang (Vangeli Pandev-Guscherova, 1911 - 1996) - an outstanding medium from Bulgaria. Vanga predictions are known literally around the world. Until now, many believe, and try to interpret its one or another of them. Vanga had an unsurpassed talent for so-called astral vision and can "see " is not only a great distance, but also through long periods of time. The first ability is called clairvoyance, and the second is more commonly known as a prophecy. Modern science still can not understand how a blind woman in Bulgaria for many years not left his village and not even leaving the house, it is possible to obtain such information.
Initially, many thought that Wang has a large staff of detectives, who roam throughout the world, to get certain information about a pre-selected person, and then provides for their clairvoyance. But where, in general, have poor prophetess Vanga such funds to hire undercover agents, because all the money she gave the Bulgarian state, and only some of the - for the construction of an Orthodox church, in whose territory it later and was buried. Wang herself explained her talent is constantly creeping around the spirits of dead people who have it and pass all this information, as well as the fact that all this information itself it comes to my mind.
But, despite the fact that the predictions are almost always caught Wangi to a point, and she did not have "punctures, " former communist Bulgarian government tried to ban its operations, since it does not fit into the explanations given by Marxism-Leninism. It was only later, realizing the impracticability of this venture, the administration began to reap the benefit, taking almost all the money brought by visitors. Vanga itself, however, did not need the money, and her requests were quite modest. Wangi why the house has always stood in long lines of people not only from Bulgaria but also from other countries who wanted to find best ways to treat themselves or their loved ones, hoping to find missing relatives, or expected from a blind clairvoyant council in some difficult situations.


Nostradamus (Nostradamus, Michel de Notredame, Nostredame) (1503-1566), French soothsayer, astrologer and physician. He was born in Saint-Remy December 14, 1503. In his childhood mentor, Michelle was his grandfather, a court physician Zhom de Saint-Remy. In 1519 Michelle moved to Avignon, where he studied grammar, rhetoric, logic, and then arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. After this course, "the seven liberal arts" began to study medicine. emidemii Fleeing from the plague, took refuge in the valley in r.Od Pyrenees, where, apparently, has entered into a secret, "Philosophical Society", presumably descendants of the ancient Pythagoreans. In 1529 joined the faculty of medicine at the University of Montpellier, was fond of reading of Hippocrates and Galen, as well as Latin translations of Arabic treatises of philosophers. He became a medical orderly during the regular plague in Bordeaux. Back in Montpellier, continued to study medicine, and made acquaintance with Rabelais. After completing the course he lived in Toulouse, there is evidence of his stay in Agen (Germany) in 1533, where he met with the doctor of the local bishop Julius Caesar Scaligero.
After the death of his wife and daughters diphtheria Nostradamus wandered, traveled to Spain, Morocco and Egypt. I tried to fight with another plague epidemic - this time in Aix-en-Provence and then in the Salon and Lyon. After 1547 Nostradamus settled at the Salon, where his brother Bertram was mayor, married the widow Anne Ponsard, started a family and began medical practice.
first published work related to Nostradamus 1550 and constitute "anthologies" containing predictions and all sorts of calculations. In 1554 they saw light a small booklet of astrological predictions, and in 1555 - a book of prophecies, reprinted for the fourth time in 1577 and contained the famous "Centuries", a collection of 100 quatrains, quatrains (a total of 10 were published centuriae, and during his lifetime - only 640 verses). In 1555 Nostradamus was invited to Paris to the court of King Henry II and became a royal astrologer. After the death of Henry II, he was appointed court physician of Charles IX.'s book Prophecy (Les propheties) enjoyed great popularity throughout Europe, and Nostradamus has been accumulated a considerable fortune. Nostradamus died in Salon July 2, 1566.
Another increasingly popular prophecies of Nostradamus began to use after his death. In 1781, "centurion" hit the index of forbidden books. So far, attempts to unravel the encrypted quatrains predictions dovodyaschie history of the universe and humanity to 2199, leave many with details of publications and the "translations" of the mysterious quatrains.